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The Soul Pyramid Paradigm

Level 1: Origin of Soul Life 

Man’s body was formed of the dust of the ground (not created because all the elements already existed), and he breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became (was made) a living soul. Genesis 2:7. So what was formed was his body, what was made was his soul because it had already been created in Genesis 1:21 And God created great whales, and every living creature that moves (has life). The word for living creature is Hebrew Chay Nephesh or Nephesh Chay, meaning soul life. Same words in verse 20 for living creature- living soul. He announced what he was going to do, bring living soul life to everything that moves, then he created it in verse 21 for all living creatures. What a tremendous truth. That’s when soul life was created. Before man and woman, that’s why he used the word I have made him, because soul life was already created before he breathed it into man’s nostrils. but he certainly had man in mind when you find out just what soul life is. Scientists have discovered soul life under the microscope, but don’t know it. They call it the Phantom DNA. It’s the origin of light and life to our body. Learn more here.

Level 2: What is the Soul?

The soul life is in the blood. For the life of the flesh is in the blood: Leviticus 17;11. That’s Nephesh Chay. The soul is not some ethereal separate being, it’s what makes you you, what gives you animation, it’s the SELF; it’s in our DNA. In its purity near the creation it was innocent, full of love, joy, compassion, peace, desire, and a need for God. In Self Realization, it is available to experience those states in pure form- sometimes referred to as Nirvana. This life-giving energy source is passed on through seed – soul life is in the seed. It is also in the likeness of God. Not the image (spirit) but the likeness because of the attributes just stated. Genesis 5:1. It is awesomely and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14. Related directly to the soul, In Christ in a Mystery, I reveal the secret of the Silver Cord, which I have seen and experienced in an altered state of consciousness. Read page 41 in Christ in a Mystery.

Level 3: Your Souls Desire. What’s Missing?

Many of us have a conflict between being content which seems Godly and is the Eastern way, or wanting more which seems the Western way. This makes a Godly person feel guilt for not being content and wanting more, or for being content even though we are living by just getting by. Discover a higher path and set yourself free when you realize it’s not either or, but by honoring all your desires, body, soul, heart and mind all have their own desires and by being true to each will create your higher destiny path. Is there a soul mate? Old soul?

Level 4: Love Your SELF. Removing Blocks and Fears

Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and everyone that loves is born of God, and knows God. Knowing this enables us to love ourselves. Loving yourself achieves inner fulfillment and outer success. Learn how to get what you want by setting your intentions, getting your love needs filled, and strengthen the power of your desires. The following are blocks that could be holding us back from loving ourselves: blame, depression, anxiety, indifference, judgement, indecision, procrastination, perfectionism, resentment, self-pity, confusion, and guilt. These are not feeling, but blocks to feeling your true soul self which is love, joy, peace, compassion and confidence.

Level 5: Prayer and Meditation Setting Intentions

Your Inner reservoir is constant. By practicing guided, instigated or transcendental meditation, scientific studies have shown that various states of brain waves, including the deeper state of Theta waves, you’ll experience waves of love, joy, and peace from your inner state of vibration. Prayer is the exchange of divine energy. Setting your intentions, you speak or visualize your heart and souls desire and let go so the Law of Attraction and Faith manifest into your life the anticipated outcome.


An effective way to recalibrate your consciousness to higher frequencies is to take time to resonate with your higher self. Bonding with your higher-self raises your vibration. Learn more.

Level 6: Love God Making Contact

At this level, the need for truth and the power of God will not be satisfied until you experience Him via the spirit or hear His voice. This is the soul’s ultimate paradigm shift.

Level 7: Exploring Divine Essence: Non-trinitarian Approaches

Explore the divine essence through non-Trinitarian approaches. Inspired by Exodus 34:6, delve into the depths of God’s character and nature from a non-Trinitarian perspective. Embrace approaches that emphasize the oneness, love, and mercy of God. Engage in contemplation and study to deepen your understanding of the divine essence and its transformative power in your life. Explore divine essence, and non-Trinitarian approaches.

Level 8: Sonship Fellowship Overcome Fear

Seek the ultimate knowledge that describes your experience. Fellowship with those who know and understand the Mystery. Be cautious of counterfeit experience and teachings. All fear is negative believing. This newfound faith will issue in positive thinking and abundant living.

Level 9: Love and Happiness in the Highest

Significance and meaningful purpose have now become a driving force in your life.

Level 10: Sustain Enlightenment

When the student is ready the teacher will come. Whatever’s necessary for you to grow and become rooted and grounded will appear by unseen, mystical forces. Christ in a Mystery has appeared in your life for this very purpose. Your guide to understanding the Scriptures.