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The Body Pyramid Paradigm

Level 1: Birth – The Stages of Development

As we develop from conception to maturity, there is a specific time period for the formation of each. These are stages when we need one kind of love more than another to develop all our talents and abilities. As we get the love we need at each stage, we are building a strong foundation for getting the next kind of love. As we move on to the next stage, ideally, we still need to keep previous love tanks full as well. If they are not full, as we succeed in filling one tank, we will need to go back and fill up our other tanks to stay connected to our true self. 1. Conception to birth -God’s love 2. Birth to seven -Parents’ love 3. Seven to fourteen -Family, friends, and fun 4. Fourteen to twenty-one -Peers and others with similar goals 5. Twenty-one to twenty-eight -Self-love 6. Twenty-eight to thirty– Relationships and romance 7. Thirty-five to forty-two -Loving a dependent 8. Forty-two to forty-nine -Giving back to community 9. Forty-nine to fifty-six -Giving back to the world 10. Fifty-six and at any age -Serving God


Gray, John. How to Get What You Want and Want What You Have

Level 2: Anatomy- We are a miniature copy of the Universe

Within you exists a universe that is as vast and infinitely as intricate as the one outside you. Explore the life at visiblebody.com.

Level 3: Heart Intelligence

The Heart has intelligence and thoughts. It has an electromagnetic field of 8 feet and produces as many functions as our brain and beyond. See –The Heart of the Matter. Once you understand the power of the heart, it will add a whole new dimension in reading the Scriptures that contain the word heart.

Level 4: Health and Nutrition

What you eat, DNA and Your Personality. Know what’s the best diet for your lifestyle and identify the cause of health problems early on.

Our body has a memory along with our brain. What we eat becomes our physical body. Learn more by watching The Intelligence Within from Eastern Wisdom by Sadhguru.

Level 5: Sexual Expression

Ultimate Pleasure – Intimacy – Release – Birthing Nurturing

Male female chemistry and dynamic is a Godly wonder. Open communication is stimulation and closer bond. Causes of fear of intimacy. Parenting together.



Discover the secret relationship between erotic, the sexual, and the sacred

Sex is not negative or positive. Sex is not just neutral, nor is it merely sacred because it creates babies. None of these old sexual stories work for us anymore. We need a new sexual narrative.


Erotic Mystics from the hidden tradition of Solomon’s temple taught a secret doctrine: sex is the source of anatomical wisdom. It’s an expression of the erotic impulse of existence itself alive in us–the yearning for contact, pleasure, and aliveness. The sexual, however, is not the sum total of the erotic. Rather, the sexual teaches us how to live an erotic life in all dimensions of our existence. That is Sex Erotic.


A Return to Eros: The Radical Experience of Being Fully Alive, from Drs. Marc Gafni and Kristina Kincaid, reveals the radical tenets of the relationships between the sexual, the erotic, and the holy. They share what Eros actually means and also the 12 core qualities of the erotic, which are modeled by the sexual. These include being on the inside, fullness of presence, yearning, allurement, fantasy, surrender, creativity, pleasure, and more.


A Return to Eros shows why these qualities of the erotic modeled by the sexual are actually the same core qualities of the sacred. The relationship between the sexual and the erotic becomes clear, teaching you how to live an erotically suffused existence charged with purpose, potency, and power. To be an empowered lover—not just in sex but also in all facets of your life—you must listen to the whisperings of the sexual. Transform your understanding and experience of love, sex, and Eros inside these pages.

Level 6: Feed Your Head

Words matter going in and out; the world of chemicals; mood effects; conscious expansion, knowledge; curiosity and discovery. Learn about the Bill Gates World Vaccine Agenda.

Just as the spirit needs to be fed the truth, so does our body. We need to research what chemicals are safe and which ones are not before we allow them into our system and our children’s: Watch the truth about vaccines by Dr. Peter McCullough.

Level 7: Sleep World

Essential for sound mind and body; dreams; Astral Travel.

Stages of sleep

Level 8: Energy is Everything

Mitochondria – the source of energy in the cells. Hormones Exercise and fitness and fun. Weight management.

Level 9: Inner Fulfillment

How God designed you. In tune with soul and spirit.